Sucking on Lemons is Bad for Your Teeth!

It’s sour, it’s a little sweet and it makes the perfect sidekick to many of America’s favorite summertime beverages. So what could be so wrong about taking a quick bite of lemon?

While this suggestion may put a pucker on many faces, there are people in this country that truly do enjoy the citrus flavor so much that they will actually suck on lemon. Even if you are not among them, there is a good chance that you would consider doing the same thing with a slice of orange.

The habit of regularly chewing or sucking on citrus fruits may be good for the body, but it can wreak havoc on the teeth. Because of the high degree of acid in these fruits, they can actually eat away at the protective outer layer of your chompers. This coating of defense protects the under layer called dentin.

Both of these have high concentrations of calcium salts, which are dissolved by acid, such as that coming from citrus or soda. Once the enamel is eaten away, those acids can begin to penetrate the dentin. This can leave the teeth susceptible to further decay, infection, sensitivity and more.

Aside from sucking on lemons, there are other habits that can lead to a similar problem. Drinking excessive amounts of soda, which was briefly mentioned, can also cause the erosion, as can conditions like acid reflux or bulimia.

For more information on how this phenomenon occurs and what to do if you possess one of these bad habits, read the full article.